25 Rules For Fonts With A Strong Impact in Graphic Design

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Communication is an amalgam, as well as advertising graphic design. If you have a business, it is vital to continuously improve your image. You need to become an artist who attracts audiences with answers, creative ideas and bold fonts.

Do you know people who have not yet understood the importance of font in graphic design?

In vain you try to convey emotions through your advertisements. If you do not take into account the importance of the font, which also conveys the message according to consumers. Your ads will need to be as compelling, transparent and readable as possible.

25 Rules for fonts with a strong impact in graphic design!

  1. The font is a detail that helps the business to grow in a positive way.
  2. The font is science. You can’t do it, turn to the best graphic design specialists.
  3. Learn to know each font and then present it in your ads.
  4. You don’t need hard-to-read fonts, but the simplicity, modernity and inspiration.
  5. When you think of font, you must not forget one aspect: Be elegant and professional with your graphics and attract attention.
  6. Choose quality and deep fonts. The advantage is that you will be remembered by the public.
  7. The visual language of the chosen fonts must be loaded with personality and speak for themselves.
  8. You can influence the audience with strong font.
  9. Times keep changing, so you have to be in constant motion. Refresh your brand, be creative, experience any type of font and delight the audience.
  10. In your graphics, try to focus on only three distinct font families. Combining a larger number of fonts is a big mistake. Choose three types of special font families that are in perfect contrast.

Tackling with Fonts!

  1. Highlight the much desired message and choose fonts without “Serifs”. Choose everything that is clean and of the right size.
  2. Remember: Never change the font within the same text block.
  3. For titles you will always have to use decorative fonts.
  4. Avoid very long texts if you use decorative fonts. Thus, you will keep consumers plugged in. You don’t want to lose them in a series of meaningless compositions.
  5. Never use special fonts in a random way on the page.
  6. Regardless of the advertising materials, learn to respect the spacing between letters and lines. You need to make yourself understood in the simplest and most convincing way possible.
  7. The composition of the fonts must be like the shapes and images used in graphic materials. The font will have to stand out, but not in a random way.

Contrast and colors

  1. Remember that every advertising material will have to have free corners. This will create an airy space.
  2. Keep legibility in mind. What does it mean? We are talking here about the aesthetic aspect in graphic design. The background, the contrast, the size, the type of fonts must be integrated in a pleasant way in the composition of the advertising materials.
  3. Never choose tiring and very vivid colors.
  4. Also consider words that use “bold” or “italic”. You need them to emphasize the text correctly.
  5. Never use the text All Caps.
  6. Never forget that your fonts must work properly, not in any way affect the brand image.
  7. Font, a visual identity with a major impact, will bring great benefits to your business. How? Only if used correctly.

Some fonts that will improve the quality of your promotion and information materials

  1. The font “Trebuchet Ms” should never be used in the design of a logo.
  2. For both large sizes and a varied design, we recommend using “Gill Sans”.
  3. Choose new but great fonts. Some of the new fonts with diacritics are: “Wagashi Serif”, “Stormfaze”, “Drakolomb”, “Comme”, “Archic 1897”, etc.

Therefore, it is good to learn from experts. Because you need these tips in graphic design, I hope I helped you and that you understood step by step what is the importance of a font. Choose the font that suits you and don’t forget that nothing is accidental. It’s all about creativity and the setting in which you want to evolve.

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