8 Best Apps For Background Removal

8 Best Apps For Background Removal

From posting pictures on Instagram to other social media platforms to professional photography and the recent graphic designing, background remover is an essential part of photography, especially photo editing. Removing the background or the unwanted element from the picture can help make the photo look better and perfect.

Recently, with the coming of smartphones these photo editing techniques became more accessible. Here let us find the best apps for background removal. We have picked the best application for background removal and editing.

Best Apps For Background Removal in 2021

Best Apps For Background Removal in 2021

1. Background Eraser

Background Eraser is one of the most popular background removal apps for Android. What makes this background removal app the best is its user-friendly settings and easiness to handle. With the auto-removal option, we can easily remove the unwanted elements from the picture. Apart from the background removal tool, it offers other options like background change, layers and extracts. Moreover, this application is available free of cost. Besides, the disadvantage of this app is that sometimes we will have to work on it manually to remove the background.

2. Slick

With slick auto background changes, we can remove our erase or change the background of a photo. It offers auto-erasing as well as a manual erasing option. Other benefits are, it has a restore option, extract, filters, themes options available. Also, it is easy to handle this application. We can zoom the pictures. Restore and redo the changes are there. Also, there are different types of brushes which we can use according to the need.

3. Ultimate Background Eraser

Ultimate Background Eraser is another free application for removing the background. Also, it is easy to use. One can remove the background of the picture with a single touch. If you want to remove a specific area or areas of a picture, that is possible too. Furthermore, it is simple to add photos from the gallery as well as to save or export or share on social media platforms.

4. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix is a photo editing app for iPhone & android. It is a user-friendly app with many features. The cut-out to remove the unwanted parts from the picture. To make the photo more perfect, we can use a feather touch tool that helps to remove even minute parts. Apart from these tools, the looks tool also offers many filters, while enhance tool helps to edit the exposure, contrast and saturation. Content-aware fill, upright, shake reduction, and other tools make the photo the best. We need to subscribe to this app by paying some amount.

5. Superimpose

Superimpose is a photo editing and background removal app that we can use for both Android and iPhone. It can edit the foreground photos as well as background photos. A single touch is enough for background removal. Besides, there is a manual media mode available that we can use if there is a mismatch in the colors of pixels. Also, we can change the background with the superimposed. Other tools too are available. A disadvantage of this app is that once we change any element or edit, we cannot redo it. Also, this tool is a bit slow. Furthermore, it is not a free tool.

6. Removal AI

Removal AI uses artificial intelligence to remove the background from a picture. It is simple to use and produces high-quality images. Also, it is a fast and quick app. We need to purchase the tool for using the benefits. Furthermore, auto-select, filters, enhancement, effects, text too are some benefits of this.

7. Object Removal Lite

Object removal Lite is a professional application that helps to remove unwanted elements from the picture. Even if it is a small particle-like an electric line or watermark, this app can do it all. It is a user-friendly tool that works fast. Also, the interface is simple to learn. We can save the file with high quality. Moreover, this Android app is free of cost.

8. Photo Layers

Photo Layers is a photo editing app for Android that mainly helps to create montages. We can change the background of the picture by superimposing two or more pictures. It is easy to use and has a simple interface. Also, brightness, contrast and other tools are available with this app. This app is an image editing app that can create high-quality pictures, especially montages. Moreover, it does not charge any amount to use.

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