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Posted On : 19-12-2019


There is zero attention to an Advertisement without Photography. To make a great advertisement, a perfect photo is needed. 

What is Advertising Photography?

In magazines, newspapers, books, calendars, websites, social media, there are several photographs with relevant articles that provide promotional information. These types of photos are known as Advertising Photographs. This field is a sector of Commercial photography that deals with promotions of respective brands or their products. 

Significance of Advertising photography 

You cannot disagree with the fact that in the world of business and marketing, photographs are like oxygen. Without a proper photo, no one can showcase a product. Let us discuss some influential impact of advertising photography :

For the advertisement maker - 

• Through such photographs, a company can present its product with an understandable overview. 

• Effortless and sufficient to convince a viewer to buy the product. 

• It is one of the most popular ways to promote a brand.

• A perfect option for the entrepreneur who wants to forward a newly launched product (or a brand) and can easily communicate with the customers.


For the viewers/ customers - 

• It is easy to understand the function of the product.

• You can decide whether the product is necessary for you or not with a clear concept.


Difference between Commercial photography and Advertising photography 

Commercial photography is a to the point picture of the product, whereas advertising photography is blended with a certain amount of creativity. It not only clicks the photo of the product but also describes the product - it's usage. 

Tips to click perfect advertising photographs

Be smart and fast - At first, nurture your ideas and creativity and make a portfolio of your own. Try to make them unique but at the same time appealing. 

For example, you are taking a photo of a bottle of shampoo. You must take care that the benefits of that shampoo can be forwarded to the viewer in the best possible way. Follow the famous advertising photographers. You can also be attentive to the magazines and websites and mark how the photograph is taken. Then, think about how can you make it better and unique. Always remember, the photo must be apt with the present.

At first, you need to know how to advertise your photographs. Here are some tips.

Make active social media accounts - You have to post your photographs regularly on various social media platforms and notice the viewer's reaction, and if there us any suggestions, accept it. 

Try to communicate with other professionals – Try to communicate with professional photographers and build a network. This would help you a lot to move forward.

Create mail account – Don’t be too lazy to create a mail address.

Create an account in Google business – This is an extended platform for the beginners

 It will be advantageous for you to make an account as soon as possible.

Make it relatable – Make your photographs most relatable with day to day life. This is the basics of making an advertisement. If the content is not relatable, all the efforts will go to vain. 

Identify Your Client - You should understand who can be your customer. This is based on several facts. 

Firstly, your area of interest in brands and products should match the product. For example, you are interested in makeup related products, but you are clicking photos of a car. You cannot make the photo much appealing until you are interested in the product. 

Secondly, You must be informed about the brand with whom you are going to work — their present situation in the market, their track records, etc.

Thirdly, you should be alert that who can be your client shortly.

Focus on Advertising Message - This is the main difference between Commercial and Advertising photography. You must give a short and persuasive message through your photos that tend viewers to think. 

Use the trend - You can use Facebook or Instagram for an advertising photography platform. As these social sites are the most popular with the people, you can easily connect with them. Click stunning photographs in such a way that no one had imagined before and grabbed the 'wow' attention. It will take no time to reach out to numerous people. 

Consider the Advertising Mediums - As mentioned earlier, in this competitive era, if you cannot make it reach to the maximum possible number of people, you will distract. To advertise the product, you must promote it online. 

Best cameras to use 

Nikon D7200;

Canon EOS REBEL T7i;

Fujifilm X-T2. Buy for $1100 on Amazon;

Sony Alpha a6000;

Panasonic Lumix ZS70 / TZ90;

Fujifilm X100F;

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II;

Nikon D610;

There are many more cameras in the market with the latest features. But you have to focus on the basics of advertising photography.