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Posted On : 11-12-2019


Street photography is a type of photojournalism; it involves candid photography done in any public space. It includes a populated environment, as those happen to be the best for some form of storytelling. Most of the time, the street photographers aim to remain unnoticed, as the goal of this type of photography is to capture a story taking its natural course without being affected by the photographer’s presence. In this article, we will be giving you tips and tricks that you, a beginner can use to enhance your skills and quite possibly even get more confident about photographing people without fear of a nagging fear of being confronted by those who are capturing.

Here are five tips to make you look as professional as ever!

1. Keep your camera settings perfect

The best way to set up your camera for an excellent session of street photography is by selecting your ISO and aperture manually and by switching the camera to AV. On a sunny day, our suggestion would be to start with f/16 and keep the ISO between 200 and 400. Keep in mind that the shutter speed is making the required adjustments to ISO and aperture appropriately. If the shutter speed is below 1/80, there is a high chance of a blurry shot; however, that can be used in the right way as well. In case you want to avoid the blur, increase your ISO or pick a wider aperture. Program mode does quite a decent job. However, it is not best to rely on it in a situation of low light where there happens to be a possibility that your shutter speed will be too low to freeze the case. But if you’re new to photography, it is better to keep the camera in auto mode to avoid any confusion on your part.

2. Keep your camera with you at all times

You never know which moment might be THE moment; in that case, if you are seriously pursuing street photography, it is a smart tactic to have your camera on you at any given time. You don’t want to miss out on a great time by not having your camera on you. Your camera is your way of sharing your mind and what goes on it with the entire world, and hence it only makes sense to use it as much as plausible. There are no second chances, and you could lose your moment in a split second. So be prepared.

3. Choose the best lens

This is the most integral part of the entire decision-making process. Choosing the right lens is very important because the wrong one can mess everything up for you. You could use a telephoto lens, but that will lead to more harm than any good. You would look creepy, standing at one end of the street, capturing people with a humungous lens. The goal is to blend in, and the lens that serves that purpose the best would be a wide-angle lens. Now it may not be great for long-range photography. However, the pictures always come out better when you get closer to the real action. Take your lens and casually get lost among the crowd as you capture them. A compact camera works better than a DSLR is it comes across as far less inconspicuous. They happen to be lightweight, discreet and small.

4. Shoot from the hip

The basic rule of photography is to shoot from the eye. That’s rather obvious; however, there are many times in street photography where you cannot raise the camera to your eye, and that is when this trick of shooting from your hip works. It is an exciting way of capturing a rather decisive moment. It seems awkward to attract strangers by directly pointing the camera towards them, which is why we suggest you shoot from the hip. It is hard to be successful at first, but it all comes with practice. The more familiar you get with your camera, the easier it is to understand their focal length and this helps to capture a hell lot of candid moments.

5. Have Fun!

Like we have said for every other form of photography, the most important part is to have fun! You must enjoy what you do. If street photography doesn’t strike your fancy, it is most likely that you won’t take great pictures. Creativity and passion are interconnected; that is why you must always do what makes you happy, not what others want you to do. The strongest street photos come from emotions and powerful ideas that are captured. It is in the moment that street photography is capturing and expressed.

Remember, practice makes you perfect.

Happy photography!