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Posted On : 25-12-2019


Photography, the perfect way to document any moment. All it needs is a camera on your hand and FLASH! No, it is not that easy to become a pro in photography. 

Why is photography always in high demand?

Photos let you observe the beauty around you and the beauty in you. And we love to see what is beautiful and worthy and this is the reason why photography is always on demand. It can be your marriage or first foreign trip; it may be the first photo of a newborn baby or a school going kid. We always want to pause those moments. Undoubtedly, this craze leads to a high demand for photography. Photography also means to visualize an object or a scene from a different point of view. 

So, if you have a biased approach to see objects from a unique perspective, then welcome to the world of photography. To become a professional photographer, you need to follow some essential photography tips. Here you go - 

Follow the Rule of Thirds: This is a basic photography technique that everyone should follow. You have to imagine two horizontal and two vertical lines along with the screen and place the object on either side to get a perfect photo. This technique can be used for any genre of photography, no matter if it is a portrait or a landscape.

Don't shake the Camera: Be steady with the camera. The essential thing to do while capturing a good photo is to be stable and balance. 

Learn about Exposure Triangle: The three components of the exposure triangle are aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. You must know how to balance these on account of getting a good picture. 

Use a Polarizing Filter: To manage the unwanted reflections or to darken the sky, you must use a polarizing filter. Don’t use a cheap filter, and it will destroy the picture quality.

Know what to do with lights: You must concentrate on the light factor. There are different ways to click a picture in bright light and low light. With the change in the intensity of view, the settings also are changed.
Use Simple Backgrounds: For portraits, don't go for a complex background first. Learn how to click a perfect portrait or capture any object nicely on a simple yet attractive background.

Avoid Flash Indoors: A simple photography trick for you. Flash will ruin your picture indoors. Always try to avoid flash while you take a photo inside the room. 

Practice, practice, and Practice: You know that practice makes a man perfect. If you are interested to learn photography, then the practice has no replacement. Implement your unique ideas and capture a very common thing differently. 

Promote your photos: Welcome criticism. Post your photographs on social media like Facebook or Instagram and notice how people are reacting to your photo. If there is any suggestion, accept it and try to be better. 

Cameras for a beginner in photography: You can start with any camera you have, or even your mobile camera can be a start. If you are thinking of buying a new camera, then here are some excellent camera suggestions for you. 

Panasonic Lumix GH5

Nikon D3500

Sony Alpha A7 III

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS

Fujifilm X-T30

Nikon D850

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

These are some of the best cameras for photography. 

Follow the professionals: Follow the experience to understand how to play with angles, lights, and composition. Meet other photographers. This will help you to grow up your connections. 

Be Calm: Don't be overstressed. Act slowly and steadily. Take your time to adjust your camera. Read about different settings in the camera. It would be best if you had reasonable control of your patience. You may get the perfect shot after five hundred bad shots. A good photographer is one who can not lose hope in any situation.

Take care of the equipment: Clean the camera tripod, camera lenses regularly. These are much sensitive and thus need excellent care. You may have a beginner photography kit if you wish. 

You may follow these tricks to be a successful photographer. Follow the beginner's photography guide. You can also join the online courses for a beginner photographer.