Best Tips For Beautiful Fashion Photography

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Posted On : 04-01-2020


Talking about fashion and photographs doesn't come in your mind? It is impossible. Fashion photography is a genre of photography that is used to showcase anything related to fashion or anything with needs to be presented with fashion. 
Fashion is all about elegance, style, and, most importantly, exploring new ideas. Don't deny that fashionable things don't attract you! So, here we go.

Significance of fashion photography 

  • Commercial Use: Fashion photographs are mainly used for advertising any dress, makeup products, shoes, watches, or anything under the sun. Unique and fashionable presentation always draws the major attraction. Keeping this in mind, fashion photography is widely considered for marketing any product.
  • Fashion Magazines: It is almost impossible to continue a fashion magazine without a fashion photograph. Either it is the cover photo or photos for any column, fashion photographs are always needed. Top fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, has the best fashion photographs. 
  • Fashion Designing: Ask any fashion designer, fashion photography is as principal as the design. Your design will be incomplete until it finds a proper presentation. And fashion photography is the best possible way to exhibit the new design.

The difference between model photography 

There are individual differences between fashion photography and model photography. Model photography only deals with modeling and posture. But fashion photography deals with both the model and the product of which the exhibition is. 

Tips for Fashion Photography 

It might sound easy, but fashion photography is not everyone's cup of tea. Here are some basic tips which you may follow to have a great journey in fashion photography.

For fashion photographers, 

1. Think out of the box 

As fashion defines to be unique, fashion photography also demands some fresh ideas. Don't be a stereotype. Try to think and implement some new ideas. 

2. Observe 

Learn to observe. Observe the trend, follow the top fashion magazines, listen to renowned fashion photographers. But please don't try to copy them. Just take the ideas and make your route. You never know, you would set a new trend! 

3. Make a portfolio 

It is really important to make a beautiful portfolio as a beginner in fashion photography. If any new idea knocks your mind, take your time, think about it and implement it in the best possible way. Practice and improve yourself. Day by day, your portfolio should be upgraded. 
You might get no model at the beginning. So, you can ask your friends or your family members to be a model for you. Otherwise, you have to click self-portrait. This will help you to instruct your model about expression and body language in the future.

4. Increase Contact 

Try to get in touch with people who can help you grow up as a fashion photographer. Post your shoots on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Welcome criticism and try to learn something from those. You never know if your first offer will come from your contact list. So, work hard and get in touch. 

5. Be professional 

Any sort of good career demands to be professional. Fashion photography is not an exception. Be punctual and professional. Any kind of unprofessional behavior will lead to a wrong impression. 

6. Talk to your model

Fashion photography is like teamwork. All it needs is cooperation. Don't just instruct your model, but discuss poses, expressions. This will make him/her more comfortable, and the total project will be carried out easily. You may get some new ideas too. 

7. Use light 

Like any genre of photography, you must know how to use the light. If you are shooting outside, then try to use the sunlight wisely. Otherwise, arrange portable camera lights and flashes and use them accordingly. The perfect balance of light in the photograph is really important. 

8. Make balance 

Make a perfect balance in the photograph. Your model is on any side of the photograph, and the rest of the portions are void, this will not be a good picture at all. Try to use props, or you may include another model also. But, take care of the agenda. Keep the focus on the product which is subjected to be showcased. 

9. Follow Rule of Thirds 

Rule of Thirds is a simple but important trick of photography. You just have to imagine two horizontal and vertical lines on the total image, and you can place your model on any of the intersecting points. These days, cameras have the inbuilt feature to divide the picture into an equal portion. You just have to place your camera correctly. 

10. Cameras to use

Here are some best cameras to use for Fashion Photography 

Canon EOS-5D Mark III

Nikon D7100

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Nikon D3300

Canon 5D Mark II

Pentax K-70

Canon EOS 70D

Canon Rebel T7i

Also, you have to arrange excellent camera lenses and camera tripods. 

For the fashion models,

1. Practice 

Follow your role models, work on body language, and expressions. You can read blogs on fashion photography, watch YouTube videos. It is the era of extreme competition, and if you can not act out of the box and take the risk, you cannot succeed. 

2. Talk to the photographer

First, try to know about the project. This will make you confident and prepared. Talk to your photographer and share your opinion too. 

Fashion photography is all about setting trends in a boring lifestyle. Follow the rules and have a great journey ahead.