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Posted On : 30-12-2019

Nude photography is a segment of photography that deals with the images of a nude or semi nude person or a sense of nudity. 

Significance of Nude photography 

From the initial journey of photography, nude photography is holding particular importance. 

• Educational purposes: Nude photos are needed for higher biological books. Also, for sex education, these photos are important. 
• Commercial purposes: For advertising any product, nude photography is used. It always doesn't relate to the product, but yes, to the attraction. 
Also, for entertainment, these photos are used in various magazines, books (either as a cover or with some relatable content), or in some music or movie cd. Nude imagery is also used as pin-up or posters. 

Nude photographs are wanted for fashion designers, garments stores, and jewelry shops too.

• Art and cultural purposes: Nude photos are widely related to art. The emphasis on fine arts aesthetic and creative. 

Difference between Nude photography & pornographic photography 

The main difference between these two types of photography lies in it's presentation. Nude photography deals with aesthetic performance, a sense of beauty, and art. On the other hand, pornographic imagery presents erotic and sexual feelings. 

Tips for nude photography: 

For the photographers; 

Understand what are you looking for 

First, you have to understand your needs exactly. For different purposes, the imagery should also be different. Don't click abstract photos. 

Be confident 

Don't be hesitant or tensed. Prepare yourself that you can click the photos. Be professional. 

Focus on the details 

Notice each and every body part carefully. Study the position of arms and legs. This is very important to observe the position of the model's arm and legs as this makes a nice triangle that beautifies the photograph. 

Take care of the light 

Like any photography, it's important to deal with the light. You need to study the shadows and use it in such a way that it can denote the feelings of your model.

Balance distortion 

You have to make sure that any of the body parts look more prominent. It would be better if you use wide angle lenses.

Talk to your model 

Don't be silent during the shoot. Talk to your model and let him/her know about the perfect pose. Instruct them on how to make an expression, how to make different poses. The conversation will make both of you feel free to carry on smoothly.

Create a comfort zone 

Nude photography is not everyone's cup of tea. Whenever you are capturing a nude or semi-nude photo, make sure your model is comfortable with the circumstances. Try to keep the studio or the shooting spot hot, so that he/she can feel the warmth and spread their body to some extent. Also, make sure your model doesn't hesitate to be nude in front of you. 

Try various poses 

Don't stick to anyone's old pose. Be creative and unique with your shots. Only perfect uniqueness will make your photo demanding. So worth your effort. Try to think out of the box. 

Nude doesn't mean nude only!

Don't misunderstand that you have to click nude photos every time. As per the topic, your model can pose in semi-nude form also. And, each body part can be in your focus in your photography. It may be the back or the belly also.

Keep it simple 

Don’t go for over editing. It will ruin the quality and sense of the picture. Nude photography is all about pure sense. Try to give a message through the picture. 

For the nude photography models

Be prepared 

Nude photography is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, practice and prepare yourself on how to give pose and expressions. Step with confidence, be confident when you are shooting. Don’t feel hesitant or confused. 

Talk to your photographer

The shoot will never be successful if you don’t interact with your photographer. Discuss the poses, discuss how it can be unique and better. Try to understand what exactly the photographer wants and act accordingly. 


Follow the magazines, or you can also visit art galleries. Good observation is a great teacher itself. So before starting, let’s have a look at the photographs. If you are an established model, then also, to think about new ideas, it will be great to have a look. 

These are some basic tips for nude photography. Any camera with good autofocus you can use. Take care of the camera lenses.