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Posted On : 23-12-2019


The headshot is one of the categories of photography where the face is captured classically. These pictures can be used as your social media account profile picture like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or maybe for a matrimonial site. Or you can apply this as a profile picture in your professional accounts like Google business or LinkedIn. 

There are FACTS about Headshot photography :

1. The photo is clicked till the shoulders.

2. Only one person is included in the picture 

3. The photo must be taken formally or professionally.

Why Headshot Photos Are Taken 

Who did not want to have a PICTURE PERFECT PROFILE for professional use? Headshot photos are taken to fulfill these reasons. It can also be used for casual uses. Anyone might like to have a picture with a professional look for his/her personal use. 

Difference between Headshot photos and a Portrait : 

There are several confusion among people between headshots and portraits. Let us distinguish between them, 

  1. A portrait photo can include more than one person, whereas Headshot photos include only one person.

  2. The portrait is clicked for casual uses, but headshots mainly focus on professional use.

  3. Potential may cover a person’s full body, but headshots include a person’s face and shoulders. 

Tips for Headshot Photography

It is not that easy to take a Headshot photo. You might think it all needed is a good camera and a person with well dressed. Well, no. It is a big deal. Here are some tips to get some wow headshot photos. 

For the photographers, 

Talk to your Client 

It would be best if you talked to your client before clicking the photos. Let him/her tell for which purpose he/she wants a headshot photo. This will help you to choose the angle from which the best version of your photography will come out. 

You can also choose the venue (whether it would be your studio or your client residence/office or any other place) according to the expectation and needs of your client.

Use perfect camera lenses.

Try to use the best camera lenses for headshot photography. Here is the list below :









Choose the location as per your client's criteria. Discuss with him/her and find a place. Make sure that the headshot backdrop is out of the box and match with his/her personality. You can also pop out the facial image from the background.

Use the LIGHT 

There can be so many variations be made by varying the light. Use the light in such a way that it implies a client's personality. You can take natural light headshots, use an on-camera or off-camera flash, a strobe set-up, a ring light, or a beauty dish. Try to avoid shadows.

Concentrate on BODY LANGUAGE 

Headshot photos are all about picturing one's personality. Concentration on the position of the neck, tell your client to use hand and leg as well to be comfortable and take out the best version of themselves. You can tell a joke to carry out a genuine smile. 


As headshot photos have versatile use in the professional genre, make sure that the sparkle of eyes or facial expression can be found in the photo. There should be elements of belief present, which makes your client's photo more appealing and perfect. 

For the Clients,

Search for the best

Search as “best headshot near me.” Also, compare the charge for headshots in different studios. You can also ask how much does headshot photography costs to someone who had done it before.

• Practice to be Perfect 

Before shooting your headshot photos, practice in front of a mirror. It will work. You only can understand in which attire, in which expression and in which body language you look perfect. 

• Follow the Models 

You can follow the photographs of a headshot actor. This will help you to gain ideas about new expressions and poses. Ask if your photographer has headshots for acting or headshots for business, which he might shoot before. 

• Try various poses 

These photos are used to clarify your passion and personality. So, don't be hesitant to try new poses. Take your own time and carry out the best in you. 

• Don't act Different 

Be genuine. You don't have to apply different makeup or hairstyles to look different. No, you have to capture what you are. Choose a dress wisely in which you are comfortable. You can also choose a dress that matches with your company/brand if you belong from somewhere like that. 

Talk to the headshot photographer 

Tell your photographer about your needs to shoot a headshot photo. This will make him/her understand your personality and expectations. You can allot a meeting before shooting to discuss location, dress. He/she can also suggest some useful expressions for your photo.

Don't Panic 

Be stress-free and happy. Don't overthink your looks. Just follow your photographer's instructions and go with the flow. 

These are the essential tips for Headshot photography. Follow this and get amazing results.