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Posted On : 06-12-2019


Newborn portrait photography is typically the photography of those under two weeks old. Cute right? Soon enough, the child will be a moody teenager and you'll miss these days. Follow these tips and tricks to capture these beautiful moments in your child's infancy.

1. Select the right time frame 

The magic window for Newborn Photography is before the first two weeks post-birth. It is remarkably easy to take photos of babies at this time as they are sleeping nearly all day. A suggestion is to remove the umbilical cord from the baby's stomach after about five days after it is born. This is the best time frame for newborn photography.

2. Dress them up

Help the parents cherish these memories of their child forever; after all, they grow up so fast. Use floral, checks, stripes, different brands, name it, and it works on a child. Play with themes, colors, and styles and dress up the babies in creative, adorable ways that get your heart-melting. Suggest tips to the parents during the shoot as well.

3. Make them laugh

A happy baby makes way for a candid that's full of life. Looking at pictures of smiling babies makes the viewer smile. Try to get the baby to laugh by using toys, making sounds or even taking help from the parents. Get the baby laughing, and you will have a photo. The parents will love more than a sleeping baby. Babies have innocence in their eyes which melt hearts; if you can capture that mid-laugh, you'll have the perfect photograph A fast shutter speed of 1/500s or more, along with a wide aperture (f/1.8-f/4) for a blurred background, will give you your golden shot.

4. Use Natural Light

Natural light paving its way through the window makes for the best soft light. It is often overlooked as a free source of perfect lighting. If it is done correctly, the effect can be awe-inspiring and professional-looking. You are using power by moving the subject closer or further away from the window. Set up by a large window, but one that doesn’t have direct sunlight hitting the baby. If the window does have the sun angled directly outside, soften the light using sheer curtains. If this is your only source of light, then a suggestion for you is that you make sure that the quality of light is right. Watch how the light falls on the baby and make any necessary adjustments. Altering the angle of the light between poses can help add variety too.

5. Posing

Posing newborns can be scary for the first try, mostly because they can't hold themselves, so you have to make sure they're safe Move slowly, be confident, and never put the baby in danger. If you're too afraid, take the parents' help holding the baby and photoshop them out later. The back pose is one of the most common and most natural to start with. Lay them on their backs on soft material, and place their hands on their tummies.

6. Don't forget the details!

Newborn photography can use macro photography too. While you are altering the composition, don't forget to capture some close-ups of that teeny-tininess also. Capture toes, hands, yelashes, locks of baby hair, and their eyes. If you get up close, you will be able to details that can't be seen in the full-body shots. Every baby is different, and they do things to your heart with their absolute cuteness.

7. Photograph the rest of the family too

A new baby means a more prominent family, include them all in these photos and make them look wholesome. If it is possible, get a few family shots in the session, including everyone together, some of just mum and baby, just dad and baby, and only the siblings and baby. Don't forget that the mother might be a little conscious since she's recovering and just gave birth to a human being. Incorporating the parents makes way for different kinds of poses as well! You can experiment with the family shoots or even choose to go for the basics. Though newborn photography may seem scary and different at first, it’s like any other type of photography. If you practice more, you'll get better at your job.

Happy Photography!