How to be Better Digital Photography?

Digital Photography

Most people think the way to better digital photography is to buy a bigger and better camera. While a camera can certainly make a difference, it’s really NOT what makes the biggest difference in the quality of photos you get. Nope.

In fact, you can use one of the many easy digital cameras on the market today and get some pretty stunning photos.

You see, it’s the photography nut wielding the camera that makes the biggest difference in how good the pictures are. Most of the time, it is NOT the camera’s “fault” that the pictures are lousy. When used correctly, most cameras can produce excellent pictures.

Fact Check!

The fact is, the biggest difference you can make in the quality of photographs you get is to learn a little more about photography. You don’t have to get all technical, but it does help to learn some basics like composition, the effects of lighting, and how to use your camera.

Digital cameras have a major advantage over film cameras when it comes to the cost of taking pictures. You no longer have to pay to have the film developed. Once you buy a memory card, the digital equivalent of film, you can fill the card up with pictures, move those pictures from the card to a storage unit (usually your computer), then delete the pictures on the memory card and start all over again.

It Takes Practice!

That means you can practice, practice, practice! You can take all the pictures you want, and it’s not going to cost you any more than if you just took one or two. So not only do you get to practice, but you increase your chances of getting great pictures, just because you’ve increased the odds by the number of pictures you take!

Learning is Live!

And if you learn how to really LOOK at the picture you’re taking, and learn some simple rules of composition, you’ll have stand-out photographs you can be proud to show to other people. You won’t have the same old “stick the subject in the middle of the picture and snap the shot quick” look. Your pictures will have more interest and less distracting features like tree trunks sticking out of your subject’s head.

By learning how to use your camera and when to make a few little tweaks, you’ll improve the quality of the pictures you take. For instance, if you know how to choose the right scene selection on your camera, you can use those present controls for a variety of picture-taking situations to your advantage. And once again, you’ll improve the kind of pictures you get.


Just taking the time to go through your camera’s manual can help a lot. You’ll have a much better idea of how your camera works and what you can do with it.

There are a lot of things you can learn that are really pretty easy, but are effective ways to get better photographs.

You really don’t have to be a pro to get great pictures!

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