How To Brighten Eyes In Lightroom

Brighten Eyes In Lightroom

In portraits, photography eyes play a very significant role. Editing eyes in a proper and fancy manner can turn your ordinary breaks into extraordinary. 

The fact that there are a variety of photo editing tools with multi facilities. Give rise to unlimited possibilities in the method of image editing. Experiments do not always prove to be fruitful. But we must not compromise on experimenting because only this can give rise to something new in the world of photo-editing. However, sticking to the content, brightening eyes is a very common and simple technique used by many photographers to enhance the look of their images. And why not? In the further section, there is a brain game for you guys. This game will amaze you with the importance that eye looks have in any portrait picture.

Brain Game

Let me play a brain trick to get the feel of the importance of eyes in portrait photography. observe the images below.

So, did you notice that in the above 3 pics your first sight of focus was on unknowingly the “eyes” of the model? Yes, normally when we look at portrait photographs, our focus is automatically driven to the “eyes of the model” at the first glance. 

Wasn’t it enough to make you understand how important it is to create perfect edits for the “eyes” section? In this blog, we have mentioned a very simple lightroom tutorial for brightening eyes. Read further to know more.

How To Brighten Eyes In Lightroom

Step 1: Eliminating And Balancing Eye Whiteness 

Let us begin with a very simple step, one can prefer using a whiten eye brush for this purpose. It is recommended not to use the thickest size. It will make the task much more difficult than it is usually. Decrease the thickness of the brush and start performing the necessary edits. 

Most of the new photographers believe that it is the retina ball that is important and they need to work upon it. But actually, it is not true. Even the white part of the eye needs to be edited perfectly for increasing the harmony of the picture.

Step 2: Magnifying Eye Colour

Dear learners, there are many options offered by Lightroom to magnify eye color. For example – blue 🔵 eye, brown 🟤 eye, black 🖤 eye, etc. But please note this feature is not for changing eye color. It is for enhancing the respective eye color. For Example – if there is a model with green eye color then you will use the green eye option from the palate. And if there is a model with black eye color then you will use the black eye option from the palette. 

Step 3: Using sharpen eye brush

Sharpen eye Brush is an amazing tool. This will help you to increase the sharpness of the eye and will provide your image a realistic touch. But, If you apply this tool too much, images can be destroyed. So if you accidentally do so, use a flow slider to get the balance back. 

Step 4: Adding Eyeliner 

Finally, We apply the Eye Liner Brush tool to bring a line across the upper and lower lids. Use a thicker flow if your topic is older and might benefit from some “makeup.” Other included eye brushes, such as mascara and eye makeup, can also be used. However, if the model is young, use a low one.

Step 5: Fixing dark circles 

One can simply use the adjustment tool for fixing dark circles. Try Reducing the contrast by a small amount. Shadows should be raised.

The clarity in the image can be reduced.

Using the Temp slider, raise the warmth slightly.

Step 6: keeping a balance with skin tone

At the end please make sure that the edits you made show complete harmony with the skin tone. Eyes must not appear critical or unrealistic. 

So, we are done with our tutorial about how to write and Eyes in lightroom. We hope that every step is clear to our readers and if you are facing any problem. Do comments in the comment section.

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