How to create Radial Blur Effect?

Radial Blur Effect

Today we will make a very simple Photoshop Tutorial with colorful results in just a few steps using the Radial Blur Effect or filter.

  • Initial image
  • radial blur
  • Processed image
  • radial blur effect

Note: For this tutorial, we used an icon in PNG format that you can also use as an example of saving the picture on your personal computer.

8 Steps to create Radial Blur Effect

Step 1:

Make a fresh Photoshop document with a white background or any color you wish but I indicate white so we will apply new colors around the icon. If you process an image you do not have to create any document. To create a document, select from the menu FILE – NEW or use the shortcut CTRL + N.

new photoshop document

Step 2:

Insert the icon above at the document (shortcut CTRL + O) that is Open and make a fresh layer

  • insert icon
  • our layer
  • layered photoshop

Step 3:

choose the Brush Tool and light color and then draw a line with the brush

  • brush tool
  • line

Step 4:

Repeat the above step by drawing different colors, repeat the step until you think the document will take on color at the end.

  • colors
  • colors

Step 5:

It’s time to apply the effect by first selecting our PNG icon inserted when we created the new document. To select, hold down the CTRL key and select the icon layer

  • layers
  • selection in photoshop

Step 6:

In this step, we will reverse the selection and we will make the background and colors applied to the document to be selected, in short, all the content except our icon. To reverse select from the menu bar SELECT – INVERSE or use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + I

  • reverse
  • reverse in photoshop

Step 7:

With the inversion made we apply our effect by selecting from the FILTER-BLUR-RADIAL BLUR menu bar and when the properties window appears we will enter and select the fields as in the image below. You can enter another value at an Amount between 1 and 100.

  • radial blur filter
  • radial
  • Click OK and we have the following result:

Step 8:

I know the result is not the desired one and not like the one in the final image at the beginning of the tutorial. To reach that tutorial, apply the Radial Blur effect twice more, selecting from the menu bar the same as in the previous step, FILTER-BLUR-RADIAL BLUR, and add a value after which OK. If it doesn’t suit you what the document looks like, apply once more, I applied 3 times.

  • Apply 2 times RADIAL BLUR:
  • Application 3 times RADIAL BLUR after which we deselect the document by pressing the CTRL + D keys:
  • Final result:
  • Radial blur effect

Let’s recap the tutorial:

  • Make a fresh Photoshop document
  • Insert the Icon
  • Make a fresh layer
  • Choose the Brush Tool and draw different colors
  • Select the Icon Layer by default by holding down the CTRL key and click on Layer
  • Invert selection by CTRL + SHIFT + I (Reverse)
  • Apply the effect by selecting in the menu bar FILTER-BLUR-RADIAL BLUR
  • Repeat the step of applying the effect until we reach the desired result
  • Deselect document by pressing CTRL + D

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