How to Make a DIY Light Box ( Simple Steps )

DIY Light Box

Why go buying such expensive Lightboxes? When you can handily one at home. There is a very easy and straightforward process to make a DIY lighthouse.

Making it by yourself will save you money and consume very little amount of time. 

The lightbox has a great impact on product photography. The most crucial point is that the object of importance is only the object you are shooting for. Lightbox enables you to capture the ‘lightning perfect” shots of the object.

Professional photography experts also use a lightbox. And why not? They make the task much easier. The lightbox can enrich the quality of your work. And even make the work easier for you. 

But Reddy-made Lightboxes are pretty expensive. However, the plus point is that a lightbox can be easily created at home using simple material. The materials we will be using are easily accessible. Moreover, you don’t have to buy any costly things.

So, let us begin creating a DIY lightbox (best out of waste) at home. Read the blog to learn the method.

What are the Materials Required?

  1. Sufficient sized Cardboard box 
  2. Scale
  3. Scissor 
  4. Tape and Glue 
  5. Few sheets of white fabric or wax paper.

Procedure to make the DIY lightbox

1. Close every single opening of the box via tape or glue

The box must be completely closed. So, it will prevent any false flash rays from coming in between your photography. Here, we will recommend using tape. It will make the process easier. 

The size of the cardboard box must be big enough for the size of products you shoot for. 

You can easily find a cardboard box at home. Many electrical appliances and furniture come packed in cardboard boxes. Also, you can get one from nearby shops. It’s not an issue.

2. Making the necessary cuts!

Image credit – Richard Gillin

So, as shown in the above image you have to cut the wall’s cardboard box in the same manner. It is clear from the image that the one side of the box is completely removed, this will be the entrance for products you will be choosing to shoot using your DIY lightbox. 

Secondly, We have carved out big windows from the other two alternative sides of the box. Remember both of the windows must be of the same height and width. 

The cuts could be made with the use of a scissor or a cutter. You may initially draw the lines with a ruler and then make the cutouts. This will lead to perfection in your DIY lightbox.

3. Attaching a piece of white paper or white fabric in the windows of the box

Image credit – Kirby Kerr

Take a piece of white paper or white fabric of the dimensions a few centimeters more than the cardboard box (this will help you in placing the sheet correctly). Now you need to fit in the white sheet on the window walls of the box. You may do so with the help of tape and Fevicol. 

4. Inside the box, place a white sheet of paper that will serve as the background

Now, inside the box, you have to put in a white sheet of paper for background purposes. The paper must be long enough to reach the bottom of the box. 

Image credit – Michael Hanscom

5. Your DIY Lightbox is ready!

Yes! Your DIY lightbox is ready. Utilize it and get the best outcomes possible for your product photography shoot. 

3 Steps for How to use the DIY lightbox

1. Placing the lamps

Image credit – Scott Paterson

Place the lamps on both sides of the windows. Fix lamps at the same distance from both windows. Adjust the facing of lamps such that flash accurately drops on the objects. You must keep the lamps a minimum of 5 inches away from the windows.

2. Properly place the OBJECT 

Once you are done with the creation and placing of the DIY lightbox. Now it’s time to bring it to use. To, place the object keep a few points in mind – 

  • Try to place the object in the exact mid-position.
  • You may observe with a camera that if Photograph is coming fine.
  • Light is completely balanced.

3. Click Up!

Now, it’s time to click a perfect picture. What up your chin. Steadily, hold the camera and get the perfect shot!

So, we are done with our blog. Wasn’t the process very easy but useful? DIY lightbox will surely help you in getting better clicks of product photography. Just keep all the steps in mind. And give your photography amazing enhancement with DIY lightbox.

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