How to Make a GIF in Photoshop CC

GIF in Photoshop

For sure,  enthusiastic GIFs were a masterpiece of creation. Now, They have turned into a part of our daily life online conversation. We use any GIF to express some kind of emotion that we were not able to put in words. Maybe it was a hidden feeling of romanticism or some sort of sarcasm that we can’t tell directly to the other person.

Moreover, GIFs add fun and joy to conversations. Making them more memorable and happening as pictures do. Yes, GIFs can’t be a substitute for pictures but they have their perks.

What could be more exciting than creating GIFs on your own? Maybe for your friend whose birthday is near or for your lover whom you wanna surprise a little!

So, this is a blog about how to make a GIF in Photoshop CC. Read the blog to know more.

How to Make a GIF in Photoshop Creative Cloud?

Step 1: Open your pictures in Adobe Photoshop CC

Collect and after that store all the pictures from which you wish to establish the GIF in a common file.

How to open these pictures into Photoshop?

  • Get on to the [File] option
  • Select [SCRIPTS]
  • Now select [BROWSE]
  • Then select the respective pictures you want to use in  GIF.
  • Now, keep holding the [SHIFT] key, choose all the files, and select [OK].
  • Photos will now be uploaded in a single layer file.

In the Layers panel on the right side of your workspace, you’ll notice that several additional layers have been added.

The frames of the animated GIF will be made up of these separate layers.

So, Photoshop will then allocate each picture you’ve chosen into its layer. Jump to step two after you’ve finalized step one.

Step 2: Choose the timeline option

Secondly, we have to work with the timeline panel.

How to open the timeline?

  • Click on the [WINDOW] option 
  • Select the [TIMELINE]
  • The whole [TIMELINE PANEL] will open up. 
  • From the options choose to [CREATE A NEW FRAME ANIMATION]

Step 3: Turn layers of pictures into Animation Frames

Further, the next step involves converting layers of the pictures into the animation frames.

How to turn layers of pictures into Animation Frames? 

  • Firstly, Establish animation frames by adapting layers.
  • Secondly, In the upper right corner of the Timeline panel, choose the [MENU] icon.
  • Make Frames From Layers by clicking the corresponding button.
  • All of the layers in the Layers panel will be converted into separate frames in your animation as a result of this action.
  • To preview the animation, click the [PLAY BUTTON] at the lower part of the Timeline panel (or hit the Spacebar on your keyboard).
  • Also, If your animation is playing backward, pick Reverse Frames from the Timeline menu icon.

Step 4: Loop the established animation

It time to loop the established animation.

How to loop the animation?

  • Firstly, Get in the lower part  of the [TIME PANEL]
  • Select the [REPEAT MENU].
  • Then click on [FOREVER].
  • Now, the animation will start looping.
  • Then press down the SPACEBAR key, for the keyboard or from the lowermost in the timeline panel select the PLAY button.
  • Now, the animation will be Previewed

Step 5: Save the animation in GIF format

Further, the final step is to save the established GIF 

How to save GIFs?

  • GIF to the present [MENU].
  • Click in the choice of [GIF 128 DITHERED]
  • Accordingly, click on 256 in the [COLOURS MENU.]
  • Modify the length and breadth checkboxes in the picture Size settings if you’re using the GIF online or wish to decrease the file size of the animation.
  • From the [LOOPING OPTION], choose [FOREVER.]
  • Also, To preview your GIF in a web browser, click the Preview… button in the lower-left corner of the Export window.
  • Further, Select a location for your animated GIF file by clicking Save. 

So, here we Get into it. You have successfully established a GIF on your own. Maybe only a small thing but learning is always fun. 

And if you ought to learn more new things and develop. Do check our other blogs. In the end, thanks, readers! 

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