Remove Background from an image in Photoshop

Remove Background from an image in Photoshop

Modern Days give us not only advanced Photography but also we get many different ideas about how to design a particular photo to attract people. For professional or personal use an elegant picture always has a higher value than the normal one.

Images with transparent backgrounds help to focus more on the main object rather than the background. You can change the background with simple matching with an object or some eye-catchy one.

For image background removal you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer. There are many free and easy tools available online. Using these tools we can remove the background of high-resolution pictures too.

How to Remove a Background from an image in Photoshop

  1. Select the image in Photoshop application that you wannan remove background
  2. Then goto picture format-> remove background
  3. You have to select some portion of background for removing background.
  4. After removing the background with the help of a picture tool you can fill another colour into the removal portion.
  5. You can redesign the background with another picture or solid color.
  6. Also playing video in the background is also an option in updated apps.

That’s it. It’s as simple as that.

The above process is for when you are using some specific tools or remove background or image background remover photoshop.

There is also an option using online background remover tools which automatically remove backgrounds after uploading pictures.

Image background remover online tools are always easy to use rather than apps. But the app has some specific features that the online tool doesn’t have.

Photo Background Removal Apps

1. PicsArt

2. Background Eraser

3. BG Remover and photo editor

4. Slick- Auto Background Changer and editor.

5. Adobe Photoshop

6. Photolayers

All apps are free and easy to use. Every app is available on the google play store or app store with lower storage.

Here you can edit the background and add some high-resolution images to that.

We Emend Studio offers you picture retouching services where our professional graphic designer provides you the best service. Our team mainly works with photoshop to provide you high-quality background removal service to customers.

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