Serge Ramelli Presets Review 2021

Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli’s presets are well recognize and of value among photographers. These are remarkably designed by a very skillful French photographer, Serge Ramelli. Surely, the iconic tool is a result of his experience and creativity. 

These presets can be preferable for any kind of Photography. From Portrait Photography to Landscape Photography to wedding photography, they add extraordinary effects and visuals to every kind of photography. 

Other than adding wholesome attractiveness to images, one of the major perks of these presets are they save a lot of time for the photographer. As we know how time-consuming and tacky the photo editing process can be. These presets also support photographers in enhancing and enriching their photography skills.  

 Further sections comprise a detailed review of the Serge Ramelli Presets. They will inform the readers more intensely about its effects and filters. The information about whether the present is available for free or what are its expenses are also mentioned. Read the blog to know more. 

Serge Ramelli Presets – Outline 

1. Serge Ramelli Signature Presets & Profiles

Price $47

This bundle of Serge Ramelli presets offers 9 packs including 283 Lightroom presets and Profiles.

This pack is the best collection for ones whose Photography works where Artistry, terrible weather, or indeed analog film look are all possibilities. It is one of the finest tools available for daytime photographs.

2. Serge Ramelli Analog Film Look

Price: $27

This package contains hundred distinct movie effects that can be used to simulate analog film. Use them to make photographs with a lot of contrast and desaturation. With a few mouse clicks, you can achieve that vintage style.

3. Serge Ramelli Signature Everyday Natural Preset

Price -: $ 27

This part of the collection of Amazing 36 presets. It adds a great blend and balance of white light in images. The unique thing about the pack is, it is styled time-specific. From Sharp daylight to golden hours and even dark nights, you can use this tool for retouching photos clicked anytime a day. 

4. Serge Ramelli – Wedding Lightroom presets

Price $27 

This pack comes with  51 lightroom presets to magnify wedding photographs. It adds advanced level color effects and vintage touches Making the wedding photograph more beautiful and Crisp. 

5. Serge Ramelli Signature Portrait Profiles

Price $27 

The Serge Ramelli Signature Preset Pack is a set of portrait presets design by Serge Ramelli. Such enhancements give photographs a richer, deeper sophisticated look. They’re ideal for portraits and photoshoots. Realistic effects and delicate, cool tones are used in presets to enhance the landscape.

6. Serge Ramelli Signature Landscape Profiles

Price $ 27 

This preset was specially design to appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether you want to create a super magnificent dramatic effect to your landscape photography or you are looking for some natural-looking presets.  This tool will meet all your needs. The most wonderful thing about this package is its color effect. It adds color filters into pictures in a very natural and elegant expression. 

Is Serge Ramelli Presets freely available?

Serge Ramelli Presets are not available freely. However, there are many websites which offer fake tool instead of it for free.

But, trust me, spending money on it will be always beneficial. And there are also a variety of discount options over the years on the product.

Is there any free option?

But if you are in search of s some free tools then one can opt for Adobe Lightroom CC tools. It is one of the best free tools available. And Adobe has been always known for quality as a company. 

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