The Beginner’s Guide to Product Photography

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New at Product Photography? Here we are back with a new blog about the beginner’s guide to product Photography. Do follow the tips and tricks to ace product Photography. 

Why enhance product photography skills?

Product Photography is the simplest kind of photography and the reason being somewhat boring too. 

But as we all know creativity and imagination are limitless. So we can’t deny the fact that product Photography, done with fun, excitement, and exuberance, can reach higher levels. And will eventually boost your photography business. That’s why mastering product photography skills is important. Get the proper guidance and knowledge to achieve so in the further sections of the blog. 

Beginners Guide to Product Photography

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary

   – Aaron Rose

1. Tackling with Lightning

product photography

Of course, every photographer knows the significance of lightning. And the quote above put this thing in the best words possible. 

Emphasize lighting, it is of great importance. Above all, visibility is one of the most important aspects of a photograph. Lightning will surely bring clarity and cleanness to it.  Firstly, understand that too bright light will make the image appear blurry. Secondly, too little light will make the image appear dull. So, make sure that lightning is adequate and proper. 

However, there is also confusion among the people whether to go with natural light or artificial light? The simplest answer could be as long as the lightning is enough,  go with anyone. It is the lightning that is of importance and not the source. 

How to do product photography with natural light?

Natural light is best for outdoor product photography shoots. So if the condition is that the images need to be clicked outside then make full use of natural light and drive the best clicks possible.

But if  you want to get the benefits of natural light in the studio shoot too, Follow these precaution given below: 

  • First of all, there must be a proper source of sunlight ( windows or something) 
  • The natural light should fall on the product in such a way that there is no shadow casting. i.e. sunlight must fall on products from every direction. 
  • It is recommended to prefer a diffuser. 

How to do product photography with Artificial light?

The most essential perk about artificial light is you can control and adjust its flash. Illustrate more focus over the product and click a clear view of it using artificial light. 

But it is recommended to stay with one kind of light. That is either artificial or natural for better images. 

2. Appropriate background

To get an appropriate background, prefer lightboxes over walls for product Photography. Now, this makes the task easier and simpler. You can easily find a lightbox on any of the shopping sites. But they are quite costly actually. The plus point here is you can easily create a lightbox on your own. Readout our DIY lightbox blog for this purpose.

How to choose the right background? 

The most basic yet important part of product photography is the area. If you have colored walls you can simply push a table against the wall, put a card on the table and place your product on it. Ideally, the card should cover part of the wall and have no creases. This will help to create a seamless white background.

The first preference of background for product Photography is always a pure white background. A White background avoids any kind of disturbance and allows one to focus on just the product. And this is the basic reason why at any online shipping site the mostly products are shot in white background.

But, there are many other kinds of beautiful backgrounds too. And it helps in getting better and attracting clicks. 

For Example, herbal products appear fantastic in natural backgrounds such as floral beds, parks, etc. 

The background is something that is product-dependent. But it can be concluded that white background is universal. So, If you are not able to find any effective background for your product photography, go with black white background.

3. Using proper crops and Models

The golden rule to product photography will be – imagine yourself in the place of viewers of the product.

For Example – If the Product is an outfit, surely someone wearing it will look more elegant. 

If the Product is a bedsheet of sofa cover, the perfect click for it must be over the bed or sofa. 

So, choosing the right models and crops by the product can do wonders for your click. 

4.  Managing shape, size, and angle of the image

Altering the shape and size of an image multiple times can harm it. So, be particular with the shape and size required for the image of the product. You may click numerous shots at different angles and then decide the best one. Make your clicks and edits with a one-shaped perspective. 

5. Take the help of a tripod! 

You won’t have to spend a lot of money on a tripod because the majority of them are inexpensive. However, if you’re on a budget, you can set your camera up on a stack of books. After all, it’s critical to keep the camera motionless.

The matter of fact is that even a single vibration can disturb the whole sequence of the photograph. So it is better to opt for tripods considering they are not so expensive also. Otherwise, you can take support of other stable things too.

Tripods provide solid support to cameras. Making sure that the images clicked appear elegant and peaceful. 

6. Do not alter the color ratio of products

Surely prefer the backgrounds and crops of colors matching perfectly with the product. But never to alter the original product colors. And secondly, also make sure that the shade of product color does not get altered due to lightning.

Why is maintaining the color ratio of a product in photography important?

Suppose you are shipping for some online product, you at least expect the product to be of exact color as appearing in the photograph. Otherwise, you will feel distorted and it will create a bad impression of the site. So, this is the reason behind the scene. 

7. Using photo editing software and apps 

There is always scope of improvement for any image. After the session is finished, you may begin selecting images, focusing on those that are most appropriate for your product. After that, editing comes next.

Without much expertise, the editing chores connected to photography might be difficult. So this is a step where you require practice and time for development and improvement. 

Anyhow there are many studio companies which offer this facility at reasonable prices. So you can surely opt for this option as this will save time.

8. Using Normal Lenses

Normal lenses, often termed standard lenses, are the optics that are the most similar in viewpoint to both the naked eye. They never let the focus be changed in any way.

The 50mm focal length is the most popular standard lens focal length, however, any focal length between 40mm and 58mm is acceptable.

So these were the seven steps which we would like to acknowledge any newbie in Product Photography. Follow them, and eventually see a growth in your photographs. Thanks for reading. Do check other blogs,  for more information. 

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