Top 10 Free Lightroom Presets (2021)

lightroom presets

In this article, you’ll gonna know top 10 free lightroom presets in 2021.

Maybe the most important role that the photographer has to play is that of an image editor. While photographers, in general, are required to be technically skilled and they have to have an eye for constructing the photo scene, the fact is that images do not come out perfect.

In other words, it takes a little work to create the images that you see every day in the media. No matter the purpose of the image, not even one is released before passing through the post-processing phase. More precisely, raw photos are either enhanced or adjusted to achieve the result that the client desires. 

The range of tools met at the disposal of professionals is very broad. Nevertheless, there is one application that stands out from all the others: Lightroom. Although not the most popular product released by Adobe, it certainly is one of the most efficient ones. Some photographers even argue that it is somewhat superior to Photoshop actions.

Because photographers do not have a lot of time on their hands to edit countless photos, they rely on tools instead. One of the benefits of relying on software is that they are specifically designed for professional photographers who have to deal with heavy loads. You can do so much more than adjusting the contrast of an image. 

How is Lightroom presets a gift in photography?

Thanks to the Lightroom presets, it is not necessary anymore to save the sequence of steps of how the image should be processed because the presets register all these adjustments. Additionally, it takes less time to apply a Lightroom preset than to apply a Photoshop action to a group of the same objects. When using Photoshop, each adjustment has to be carried out on each image. 

With Lightroom, all you have to do is to click one time and the variances will be applied to all the photos from the collection. Equally important is remembering that there are many random presets, meaning that you should separate them by type. 

For instance, they can be classified according to color and effects.

Apart from the speed of processing, presets are extremely easy to use. To see everything that is installed, it is necessary to switch to the development module. 

The reason why so many photographers love working with the software is that they can reduce all the complex editing to the simple click of a mouse. This means that you do not necessarily have to be a professional to achieve spectacular results. Compared to using Photoshop, the results are improved because all the pictures look the same. 

What are The Top 10 Free Lightroom Presets?

Thanks to the presets, the look is consistent across the entire group of images. Even when you are not sure how you have obtained a particular look, you can always check to learn how the particular edit was achieved. 

Photographers and hobbyists can decrease the editing time by about 80% by using the presets. In brief, they make the editing process faster, simpler and they help professionals maintain a consistent look in all photos.

10 Free Lightroom Presets (2021)

1. Free Haze Lightroom Preset

If I have to describe this lightroom preset in one phrase, it may sound like “Magnificent and entirely elegant”. Using this preset, add a terrific hazy effect in images. The tone of the Preset will go perfect with images of mother nature or photoshoots done outside the studio. 

The  Free Haze Lightroom Preset is capable of adding charm and sentiments to images. 

2. Free Portrait Photography Lightroom Preset 

Get superb retouching to your selfies and photographs with this Free Portrait Photography Lightroom Preset. Designed especially for portraits, in just a single click add enormous glamour to images.  

3. Free Lifestyle Lightroom Preset

Looking for some presets for your lifestyle photographs? Then you must opt for it. It is a wonderful and astonishing Preset for this purpose. Highlight your Instagram posts and other social media lifestyle clicks with this.

4. Free Passport Lightroom Preset

This free Lightroom preset is suitable for a wide range of photographic styles. Give your images a new film effect in seconds! With this gorgeous single-click preset, you can add some curiosity to your images.

5. Free Vintage Film Lightroom Preset

When you need to make your images look more vintage, use this vintage preset. The preset will give your images a beautiful, mellow vintage touch that will make them stand out.

6. Free Starter Pack Lightroom Presets

Have you recently started using Lightroom software?  Then these preset collections are completely designed for the newbies. Enrich the tone segments of your photographs. Learn and grow with this preset and get a boom in your work speed with its handily and simple features.

7. Free Cool Vibe Lightroom Preset

This is a free Lightroom preset that you may use to improve the quality of your outdoor photos. It has a light-adjustment effect that makes your photos look bright and breezy.

8. Free Vol. 1 of the ON1 Signature Presets

The ON1 Signature Collection Presets for Lightroom can help you improve your photos. Make your photographs pop with this collection of 60 presets made with Lightroom’s modification tools.

9. Free Film motivated Lightroom presets 

This Lightroom preset was influenced by antique cinema and will offer your photographs a vintage touch. It works on a variety of images, including sceneries, exterior shots, portraiture, and far more.

10. Free HDR Lightroom presets

Likewise, utilize this HDR Lightroom preset for a more stunning outcome. You’ll be able to pertain to all of the impacts required to establish an enormous HDR glimpse in a consequence of instants.

So, these were the Top 10 Free Lightroom Presets (2021). Try them and get an amazing retouch in your photographs. The best part is all of them mentioned above are free to use. 

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