Clipping Path Services

When it comes to clipping path, attention to detail is essential for creating a lifelike image. You need perfect clipping paths and photo cut-outs so consumers will buy your products and clients will love your photos. Regardless of the role images play in your work, you get accurate, clean clipping paths — every time.

At Emend Studios, we know how important it is to create images that don’t look like they were edited, images that have perfectly drawn clipping paths. That attention to detail results in impressive, realistic-looking images. We hand draw every clipping path and photo cut-out with the Photoshop Pen Tool to ensure we have full control and can achieve clean, finished edges on all images. Our dedication to delivering quality clipping path services to help you meet your tight deadlines and budgets.

Simple clipping path

Projects that involve clipping simple images (with smooth, straight edges) come under simple clipping path jobs.

Complex clipping path

Images with multiple curves, edges and uneven surfaces take a lot of time to make clipping path on them. Flowers and Jewellery are a good example of complex clipping path requirements.

Clipping path with Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow is a method where the background gets removed and instead of that, there is put the image in a white background then form a shadow that seems quite natural. When it's the issue of the natural look, the background surface doesn't reflect that much making the image look dull and fewer photographs. Also, this shadow makes the subjects professional and believable look. But, it needs to add natural looking shadows to your product photos in photoshop with much more patience and finesse.

Clipping path with reflection

Shadow creating service is a system of graphic design which creates an object over the rest of an image by laying a direct shade behind the object. This is used to add a shadow effect into a picture. Shadow creating service can make fantastic images, highlight emotions, modify the impressions and be applied in numerous ways. It is well used to text along with makes visible images of the document. Sometimes drop shadow requires dropping on only the component of the layer. Perhaps the shade may drop on the content or just below the level. Some clients may need to form an illusion of deepness to their services you should appoint a professional.

Who needs clipping path and deep-etching services?

Whether you have a single image or a huge batch from your latest photo shoot, clipping path services are appropriate for a number of scenarios. And our clipping path image-editing services aren’t reserved only if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Busy professional photographers with large batches to edit must dedicate hours to carefully edit all of the images from a recent product photoshoot. Freelancers and agencies who have tight client deadlines to meet have tons of other deliverables to wrangle. And ecommerce retailers who know how to use Photoshop are focusing on how to move the needle — not how to accurately draw a clipping path. We take the stress and tediousness of clipping path off your plate so you can meet your deadlines and stay under budget.

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