Jewelry Retouching Services

When it comes to high-end Jewellery, image editing and retouching play a critical role in most cases. SunTec specializes in Jewellery photo editing and retouching services. Jewelry retouching requires acute attention to detail. To offer our clients quality Jewellery photo editing and retouching work, we are well-appointed with expert Jewellery photo editors and retouchers, with years of experience in Jewellery image editing alone. Our photo editors process hundreds of Jewellery images on a daily basis for Jewellery retailers, photo studios and advertising agencies. Our editors process your images in such a manner that the finest intricacies of your jewelry are evident thereby giving a life-like feel of the product. We make sure that our processed images captivate the onlookers.

Every photographer knows that one of the most challenging assignments is photographing jewelry. Photographing jewelry requires the understanding of lighting, ensuring minimal color casts and reflections, and achieving the right sheen and cut. Facts are, most of these cannot be avoided or attained during a jewelry shoot. This makes jewelry appear unprofessional and not match the expectation of customers.

To get the right frame it is inevitable to engage with a studios and Outsource2india takes up challenges related to jewelry photography to provide high-quality jewelry retouching services. Our photo editors are trained to work on the latest photo editing tools and technologies and can make a visible difference to jewelry images within a short turnaround time.

Our jewelry retouching services include:

  • Color correction is a must-have thing in the jewelry editing process.
  • All Photoshop commands should be made naturally and without “over retouched” effect.
  • Removing zits, unnecessary spots from the items.
  • Background retouching required in every jewelry editing direction. Clear background – big sales.
  • Adjusting contrast and improving shadows
  • Making additional shining to the photos for a stunning look.
  • Deleting defects in order to make the best and most sold item's catalogue.
  • In jewelry editing pay close eye to the keystone and pick-ups

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