Newborn Photo Editing Services

For many newborn baby photographers editing and retouching can be a long and laborious task. As specialists in baby photography editing we know the problems you may be facing with your newborn retouching. As most newborn imagery always needs a little bit of work we recommend you start off with our standard service. By choosing this service you will have finished images ready to show clients and send straight to the lab.

At Emend Studios, we provide a complete range of image editing services that involves retouching and manipulation of the newborn photographs. We have an expert team of photo editors which uses the latest software tools and techniques to create perfect images depending on the needs of the client. With the proper implementation of the image enhancement techniques, we make sure to edit images in the most efficient way that helps in eliminating various flaws while enhancing the quality of the newborn photo.

Service Includes :

  1. Skin Color/Tone Changing
  2. Color Correction
  3. Basic Editing (Eyes,Nose,Cheeks,Etc)
  4. Natural Heads/Eyes Swapping
  5. Body/Face Liquify
  6. Clothes Smoothening/Sheets/Blankets Smoothening
  7. Basic Photo Manipulation
  8. Image Masking
  9. Crop Image
  10. Backdrop Changing
  11. Slight Background Enhancement
  12. Solid Background Extending
  13. Small Unwanted Objects Removal
  14. Following the Clients’ Style

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