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In the era of scrolling social media infinitely and glamorous Instagram Feeds, it has rather become a necessity to make sure your pictures stand out and look perfect. Visual images are an inseparable part of any business these days. Are the blemishes, unwanted spots on the face, or the wrinkles on the clothes bothering you? Multiple colors making your portrait hideous? What you see in your shoot and what you get on your screen is definitely not the picture you visualized. That’s why we are here – to bridge the gap. ‘What you visualize is what you get’ is not far-fetched anymore. Portrait retouching is indispensable support required for any visual artist working on portraits not because they are flawed but because they need to be perfect and real.

Professional portrait retouching services are organized into a profitable sphere that always has been in demand. But lately the same has majorly escalated. The first thing that contributes to it is people`s wish to look the best in every photo. The circle of the usage of professional portrait editing is vast, as it includes social networks, photo sessions or pictures from some solemn ceremonies, as a wedding or anniversary for example.

Types of portrait photo editing services from Emend Studios

Headshot Retouching: Headshots are mainly used for professional purposes. It is important to retouch headshots to bring out the tone, mood, and the character of the person being photographed.

Corporate Headshot Retouching: Corporate Portraits are important as they are featured on the business columns, websites, internal newsletters, and other professional collaterals. They need to be simple, serious, and should be extremely formal. Minimal and subtle retouching ensures trustworthiness amongst the customers by establishing the credibility of the professional being photographed. We neutralize backgrounds, make the portraits bright and clean, remove excess shadows and contrasts, and make sure the photograph sets the tone for the upcoming engagements.

Family portraits: Family Portraits are prized possessions for the families and it is important that the photographers deliver an output that is loved by everyone in the portrait. Right from the oldest person to the youngest addition to the portrait should look pleasant. Removal of wrinkles, correcting lighting, matching skin tone of all the members according to the light ensuring no one turns out to be too bright or too dark are some of the basic things to look at.

Fashion portraits: In the fashion industry, Fashion Portraits give the first impression of the models. Fashion portraits bring out the right attitude that is required for a professional portfolio, advertisements, catalogs, and magazine covers. Retouching is very essential and we help the photographers elevate the quality of their photographs with our high – end services.

Baby portraits: Baby portraits are very tricky to shoot because each baby’s mood and temperament wouldn’t be the same. Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes the infant comfortable is the priority while making baby portraits. Set an impeccable tone for your baby portraits with expert correction tools used by our editors.

Our graphic designers are technically equipped with the latest techniques, software, and tools. We can correct all kinds of imperfections and present to you the perfect image through the application of apt tools.

Outsource Your Portrait Retouching Requirements To Us

• Colour correction

• Teeth Whitening

• Wrinkle Removal

• Image Clipping

• Brightness and contrast corrections

• Skin softening

• Noise removal

Why Choose Us?

We have every tool and photo post processing technique in our kit to deliver the kind of services that you need. Our photo retouching prices are competitive, which means you can make the most out of your investment . As a professional photo editing services provider, we have been delivering a wide range of photo editing services to our happy customers who have recognized us as one of the best photo editing companies in the global market.

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potrait retouching services
potrait retouching services
potrait retouching services
potrait retouching services
potrait retouching services
potrait retouching services

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